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the city has been known since the times of the renowned epic Mahabharata. It was then known as Agraban, the sister city of Mathura. Agra, as we know of today, was established in 15th century by Badal Singh but was soon taken over by the Lodhi kings. It was only after Sikander Lodhi was defeated by the Mughal emperor Babur that started generations of Mughal period in the country. It was during the Mughal period that the city grew in its cultural and commercial influence.

Location : Uttar Pradesh State, India.
Distance from National Capital : 200 kms approx.
Estimated population: 1.4 millions.
Altitude: 169 Meters above sea level
Area: 4082 sq. km.
Winter: 4.20 C 31.70 C
Language: Hindi, Urdu, English
Temperature: Summer - 21.90 °C - 45.00 °C
Rainfall: Average yearly 66 cm.


Light Woolens
Country Code (India): 0091
STD code: 0562