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Agra Art and Culture

The culture of Agra was largely influenced by the Mughals, who gifted the city with fine specimens of wonderful buildings and architectures.

The dress pattern of the residents of Agra has evolved to adopt the European style of dressing. Men usually wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Women have also adopted the western style, but every now and then they enjoy wearing the traditional salwar kameez or the wonderful sarees.

One of the important aspects of the culture of Agra is the variety of colorful festivals. During the month of February, the city witnesses the Taj Mahotsav. Held in Shilpgram that is quite close to the Taj Mahal, the ten-day long festival hosts an exhibition of the crafts, arts, classical song and dance performances. Camel and elephant rides are worth an experience. Id, the festival of the Islamic is celebrated with great pomp. The main languages in Agra are Hindi and Urdu. The city is famous for Mughlai dishes and typical Agra delicacies.

Agra Art Gallery
Spiritual Museum -The Agra Spiritual Museum is close to the Taj Mahal and contains a wealth of local treasures, many of which are of religious significance.
Taj Mahal Museum - The Taj Mahal Museum is a small museum and is located on the western side of the legendary Taj Mahal buildings.